Video du Jour: When film critics attack!

Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert debate John Simon on the merits of Star Wars in 1983. I’d sure hate to have been Simon’s kid… (via)

6 Replies to “Video du Jour: When film critics attack!”

  1. Sorry Stooge, I must have missed it… I have no memory of seeing it before it showed up on SF Signal. :( I vaguely recall the comment but it’s icky and August and thus I have the attention span of a gnat.

  2. I thought I’d seen it somewhere before. It’s in “The only movie reviews you’ll ever need,” from August 4.

    We really need to get Dunc a nice ice suit, like Mr. Freeze wears. That way, she can maintain full grasp of her mental faculties, AND hit silly fanboys and other snarkworthy targets with icy blasts as cold as her frosty, biting wit.

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