Video: Disneyland Sith Girl speaks

Jennifer Landa talks to Sariah Gallego, the girl who gained internet fame by pledging herself to the Dark Side at Disneyland. Her inspiration may surprise you!

6 Replies to “Video: Disneyland Sith Girl speaks”

  1. The lightside has Fig Newtons. After all, a cookie is only a cookie…

    On one hand I think this girl is hysterical and well spoken…on the other, gotta make you twitch a little to have an 8 year old whose greatest ambition is to kill her master and take over the galaxy.

    Definitely a fan but does make you wonder if she missed the point somewhere…or even if the EU with it’s fresh string of Siths has been missing the point.

  2. Oh, I suspect she’s just a really intelligent young lady who loves to roleplay. She knows Star Wars at a level even many adult fans don’t.

    I wouldn’t worry about her at all. As a matter of fact, we’ll probably see her do great things. :)

  3. Her answers to Jennifer’s questions crack me up. The interview could’ve been a lot shorter though.

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