Video: Best of Star Wars Celebration Europe

Here’s some of my favorite videos from Star Wars Celebration Europe. Up above, Warwick Davis and Ian McDiarmid re-create the Yoda/Sidious battle from Revenge of the Sith. (Trigger warning: Ewoks are stomped upon.) Davis would try to do a bit with each cast member in a segment called “Stage Wars” and below, we have Davis and Carrie Fisher returning to the first encounter between Wicket and Leia. And there’s even more below…CelebrationStageCrew_LowRes

DJ Eliot’s recap video of the fun of Celebration:

Saberproject puts on a lightsaber fight show after the evening screening of Return of the Jedi in the Grugapark:

A good wrap up slideshow of the fan experience (plus a video of the U-bahn (subway) Star Wars footage):

The video used to introduce Warwick Davis for each of his shows. Because I didn’t see this enough.

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  1. Other than Liam, best Qui-Gon I’ve seen.. Any idea on the attendance numbers? Despite the distance for my, looks to be very well attended.

  2. attendance was about 20,000 which was around the target that they were aiming for. the convention floor was definitely crowded, especially in the fan hall.

  3. They are always a bit spotty on attendance figures. Not that many weeks back they’d only sold 4000, but they pulled it around brilliantly as traditioanlly in Germany folks turn up on the gate and don’t pre-book like we do in the UK and the States. Great attendence, fun con.
    The original CE was the real fudge on figures. they had 38,000 through the door (30,000 tickets sold, 8000 given away in national papers) but announced only 30,000 because they didn’t want to eclipse CIV (which also had 30,000). CE1 remains the biggest Celebration so far, but Celebration 2015 could knock it out of the park being in the same year as Ep7.

  4. very interesting about CE1 and its grand attendance – you’re saying that basically 1 of 4 attendees got in for free/giveaway tickets?

  5. How many people attended Celebration in 1999? That was favorite one. I went to Celebration II and III as well. The culture was very different by that point.

    I’m a behind the scenes guy, so I like to attend them during film years. I will probably go to the next five to be realistic.

  6. James, they sold the 30,000 and (as far as I understand) the 8000 were given away via national newspapers, so the footfall was enormous, sales on stands were crazy, everything was selling out. That was the great thing about the ExCel, it had the capacity to hold that amount of people. Essen would have been a sardine tin if that many had turned out.

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