Video: All the Star Wars movies – at the same time

Because it’s Monday and Hondo is hung-over, check out this video that’s been going around: It’s all six Star Wars movies – or the first six, for those of you surfing in from the future – all played at once

6 Replies to “Video: All the Star Wars movies – at the same time”

  1. I think I have A.D.D. because I’m enjoying this. Episode I-III really do a lot right up front. Episode III doesn’t care, it just get right into it. It is the Honey Badger of Star Wars films.

  2. This is just an overload of awesomeness! As a fan of all of the movies, I’m just being overwhelemed right now.
    Its funny, Anakin is burned alive at the same time Darth Vader’s corpse get burned.

  3. This is ideal for multitaskers. It is amazing how painful it is listening to the overtures out of sync though.

  4. Beth: ikr!

    I just realised the colour of the opening letters isn’t the same. That is going to bug me for the rest of my life.

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