Video: A new production peek at The Hobbit

Dwarves! Hobbits! Peter Jackson! Martin Freeman! Ian McKellen! Elijah Wood! 3-D! A hell of a lot about shooting in 3-D, actually. (Mirkwood: Ye olde Pandora?)

2 Replies to “Video: A new production peek at The Hobbit

  1. What the crud?!! Jackson shooting on red epics in 48 fps?

    Is nothing sacred!!

    I’m sure I’ll love the film, but I’m sorry, I’m a 24 fps, 2d purist. I’ve seen my share of 3d films, and it’s always been an unpleasant experience. I’ll probably go see this in 2D, as well as Episode I when it comes out this Spring. I’m glad Lucas had the foresight to offer both viewing experiences, and I hope Jackson will too.

    Wow, I just can’t believe it. I thought Jackson was such a film purist. Hmm.

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