Video: A conversation with Mark Hamill

James Arnold Taylor chats with Mark Hamill at Star Wars Weekends! He chats about his beard (yes, it’s exactly what you think it is,) talks Star Wars, does impressions, and even breaks into the Joker. (via)

In a hurry? Just the Joker/Luke dialogue:

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  1. Apart from the fact that Mark should get a fashion advisor – maybe Ms. Eckstein might help out, because those shirts never even worked on Uncle George… – I love that he seems really content. So looking forward to seeing Luke again, but then again I never quite got the Harrison Ford obsession. It’s not that I mind Han Solo, but I was always more of a Luke fan, so let’s get this man a lightsaber and some post-modern version of his ROTJ outfit and let’s put him into an Ep7 teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy or something. :-)

    1. Aww, let Mark be Mark. It’s not like he’ll be wearing plaid in the movie. (As hilarious as that would be to have him play a grumpy taciturn GL-Luke.)

      I can’t help but think a SW teaser in front of Guardians would be kinda mean to Guardians – it’s already going to remind plenty of folks of SW without explicitly reminding them of that in the previews. I suspect we won’t see any sort of SW teaser in theaters until Cinderella (March 13) or Avengers 2 (May 1.) Maybe Into the Woods (Dec 25) if they really want to hit this thing out a year ahead of time. Avengers won’t need a SW bump, but I bet the the two could use it.

  2. I didn’t realize until watching this whole video that I am going to cry like a baby watching episode 7 for the first time. Just seeing Luke, Han and Leia onscreen for the first time since my childhood (with new stuff) I am going to just break down and cry. I hope my friends will be able to handle it

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