Video: 1-900-NERD-GIRL = Slander and Lies!

3 Replies to “Video: 1-900-NERD-GIRL = Slander and Lies!”

  1. so like your not 30 ish and into a on the side relationship that is solely based on your hot looks and sublime nerdness are you?

  2. is neither a matchmaking service nor Craigslist. You probably want to make such comments directly to her, anyway. ;)

  3. As I mentioned in a friend’s blog when she first posted this:

    “I am so ridiculously, inordinately, undeniably, uncontrollably turned on right now. I mean, on top of her hotness and solid geek credentials, she’s a redhead, and has a voice that means business.

    “And I almost guarantee, when she’s showing off her One Ring, that the ring is not the focus of most males’ attentions.

    “Should I be worried that I recognized every SW book she flashed at the camera? Or should I be more worried that I can’t tell if that was Quenya or Sindarin she was speaking?”

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