Vader to make CES announcement Thursday

Darth Vader will be on hand at the Consumer Electronics Show later this week to make a “most impressive announcement.” While my immediate thought was the Blu-Rays or Phantom Menace 3-D, the location – Panasonic’s booth – makes me think it could have something to do with this little tidbit.

UPDATE 01/05: And it’s the Blu-Ray. Oh well!

UPDATE 01/06: The Digital Bits says that the announcement will be an October release date for Star Wars: The Complete Saga – 35th Anniversary Collection. We’ll find out for sure in a few hours. (via)

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  1. Panasonic has an exclusive marketing arrangement with 20th Century Fox that seems to include the 3D version of the Avatar Blu-ray. So I’m guessing 3D Blu-rays, even though the theatrical release is still far off.

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