Two weeks to San Francisco’s Wondercon

The WonderCon programming is out, and as one might expect from Lucasfilm’s hometown con, there are a number of events from Star Wars and licensees. Check it out beneath the cut.

8:15-9:45 Friday Star Wars: Last Fan Movie Standing—Choose the last Star Wars fan movie standing at this friendly competition hosted by Lucasfilm’s Mary Franklin. The Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge, now in its eighth year, honors promising moviemakers who do outstanding work, with the top prize each year chosen by Star Wars writer/director George Lucas. How do your movie tastes compare? Come and show your support for your favorites, and you just might take home a Star Wars souvenir from the event! Esplanade

12:00-1:00 Saturday Dark Horse—Director of publicity Jeremy Atkins and editor Shawna Gore (Creepy, Emily the Strange, Criminal Macabre), along with a cast of top creators, present an exclusive preview of all that Dark Horse has to offer in the coming year. With breaking news on all of your favorite Dark Horse titles, including early insight into the relaunch of the legendary Creepy anthology, be the first to know about everything from heroes to horror. Room 104

2:00-4:00 Saturday Lucas Licensing Portfolio ReviewTroy Alders, art director at Lucas Licensing, will conduct portfolio reviews, provide critiques, and offer tips for aspiring artists. Bring in a portfolio selection of your best work and see if you have what it takes to create art for the ever-expanding Lucasfilm galaxy. Room 214 (And again Sunday at 2:00.)

5:30-6:30 Saturday Celebrate a Star Wars Decade: Where Were You in ’99?—Ten years ago, Star Wars fans worldwide were reenergized with the launch of a new series of Star Wars movies and in the process developed a community of lifelong friends. In theater lines, toy stores, cons, and in the muddy byways of Denver’s Celebration I, Star Wars passion was rekindled. The last decade has been filled with a galactic expansion of the Star Wars saga, a new generation of fans and fan activity, and an even stronger integration of Star Wars into popular culture. Where were you 10 years ago? Join Steve Sansweet and special guests who will look back at the past decade of Star Wars, as well as the ongoing Saga’s future. And don’t miss an exclusive sneak peek of something very special from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, now airing on Cartoon Network. Esplanade

11:30-12:30pm Sunday Draw Star Wars at WonderCon—Learn to draw fun and whimsical Star Wars characters with Lucasfilm’s Bonnie Burton and artist Katie Cook. Bonnie, the author of You Can Draw: Star Wars (DK Publishing), works as the Lucas Online senior editor, editing the drawing tutorials and craft projects that can be found at Katie Cook has done licensed art for Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Heroes, Lord of the Rings and other such nerdy things. She often dreams of being a Wookiee, which explains why she could use a haircut. Room 204/206

There’s plenty of other stuff – too much to list – so go check it out for yourself. If you’re going, anyway.

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