TV Roundup

J.J. Abram’s new series Lost will have some SF elements. Because a show from the creator of Alias starring a Hobbit wouldn’t have a genre audience otherwise. Hopefully it avoids cancelation, because I’m down to two shows next fall and I NEED TV.

(Don’t ask.)

Smallville’s Lois Lane has been cast.

Forget Shatner – reports now have Brent Spiner (Data) guesting on Enterprise. Fans should also note that Enterprise reruns will be moved to Fridays come August.

The La Femme Nikita second season DVDs have been pulled. Huh?


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  1. Yeah for tv possiblities. After the cancellation of Angel, I’m down to NOTHING other than random decorating programs on BBCAmerica and TLC.

    And hobbits are usually a good thing. :-)

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