New Clone Wars makes an early ‘Landing’

Landing at Point Rain

Just a reminder of tonight’s special showing of the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, ‘Landing at Point Rain’the first of a four episode arc – debuting a few days early on Cartoon Network tonight at 8 PM (ET/PT). DVR users: My DVR didn’t have the updated scheduling from Cartoon Network, so be prepared to record whatever your schedule says is in that time slot (possibly “Destroy Build Destroy”). Or, if you’re patient, it’ll rerun on the regular time Friday. sheds some light on this opening chapter in a larger story arc, hoping that the action to retake Geonosis is “intense as any live-action movie about the assault on Omaha Beach.” Leading into this story is a prelude script set before ‘Landing at Point Rain’, read at the Fan Days in Dallas and now available online. In addition to setting the stage for ‘Landing’, it wraps up the events of ‘Senate Spy’ with some wry banter. also has put up the conclusion of the S1 box set tour. (Grant Imahara fed his box set to the rancor!)

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