Troy Denning answers fan questions on Fate of the Jedi

Author Troy Denning chatted on the Star Wars Books Facebook fan page Wednesday afternoon. With more than a hundred comments to format got awkward fast, but overall it turned out pretty well! And no, it’s not just FOTJ… West End Games and the New Jedi Order and even The Old Republic also got some love.

And I can’t help but agree with this (from a question on if he reads feedback,) which is pretty much the reason I’ve given up on the message boards:

I DO stop reading anything that looks like it has a nasty personal edge to it (who needs that?), or in which it appears that the person/group is trying to drive an agenda. There’s just nothing constructive to be gained from that kind of stuff — and I’m not the guy that makes the decisions anyway.

If you’re like me and loath Facebook, EUCantina has collected all the questions and answers.