Trouble brewing in HP fandom

Of course, when isn’t there impending wank in the Harry Potter fandom? First, Emma Watson (Hermoine) seems a little reluctant when it comes to signing on for the final two films. Then, the first stills from the Order of the Pheonix film have been released.

At least the stills are pretty neat.

2 Replies to “Trouble brewing in HP fandom”

  1. Oh, I’m sure the fen are up in arms about that Emma story. I’m just impressed that she is so mature in her thinking. If acting is not the thing for her (which I think would be a shame), she has the right to pursue other things.

    Of course, I vote for her staying….

  2. I dunno. I can appreciate that she’s young and she signed onto the first film when she was VERY young, and certainly if she wants to pursue other things then more power to her, but I think she should finish the series first. It’s not like she’s saying no to some random film; her absence could hurt everyone. (It’s like why I would skip, say, Chemistry in college but never marching band because the latter is a team effort and my absence affected everyone and not just me.)

    Then again, it’s just a bunch of movies. If they have to get a new Hermione, the world won’t end.

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