Transformers 2 blowing stuff up in a neighbourhood near you

Or near Yav anyway. Footage for Michael Bay’s sequel to the wildly popular Transformers movie will be shot early next week on the deserted grounds of Bethlehem Steel.

Notices were sent to neighbors and nearby business owners Tuesday warning them about the upcoming noise, glare and road closures that will come along with the filming of one of the movie’s opening scenes, which will feature the computer-generated robots alongside Steel’s instantly-recognizable blast furnaces.

”It is essentially going to be a simulated war,” [Bethlehem mayor] Callahan said.

Practice explosions went off all throughout Yav’s yoga class this morning, shaking the building and making downward-facing dog slightly more challenging than usual.

The folks over at are discussing the whole thing at length and apparently have covert pictures.

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  1. Ah, the Canadian spelling of neighbourhood. It’s like an old friend. :)

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