Trailer released for Rebels season two finale


Io9/Gizmodo has an exclusive trailer setting the stage for the hour-long season finale for Star Wars Rebels. Heralding a confrontation between Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano, this trailer reflects on their growth and relationship during the Clone Wars, and ends with a glimpse into their upcoming encounter, complete with a James Earl Jones voiceover. Lots of clips from The Clone Wars highlight their history together, as well as some the individual challenges they faced. Does this bode well for their meeting on Rebels?

Find out on March 30 with the hour-long season two finale of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, 9 pm ET/PT. When you think about it, neither Ahsoka nor Vader is a main character of the show, and yet the season finale focuses on these two re-uniting, and igniting their sabers against each other.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get behind Rebels. One of the reasons Obi-Wan showing up and training Luke in A New Hope was such a big deal is that there had been no Jedi in the galaxy for at least 20 years. Throwing in new Obi-Wan and Luke type characters that came before, and then staging a fight that’s a duplicate of Vader/Obi-Wan between Vader and Ahsoka is just muddying the playing field. It all feels so unoriginal and derivative. I was so excited for Rebels–I thought it was going to be about Rebels, not more Jedi. *Sigh* I loved Clone Wars but this is a stupid way to wrap up that series’s loose ends.

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