Standalone edition of Book of Sith coming in spring

Interior pages: Book of Sith

Dan Wallace’s Book of Sith, which was released in a deluxe edition last February, is coming out as a standalone May 4th, The Daily Blam reports.

Meanwhile, Roqoo Depot found the book listed as a hardcover on Chronicle Books’ website that gives a release date of April.

Wallace talked to James about the book, as well as predecessor The Jedi Path, after Sith was first announced. Jedi was also released as a standalone.

5 Replies to “Standalone edition of Book of Sith coming in spring”

  1. Finally. It has been frustrating that the only available version has been the $60+ deluxe version that I cannot afford.

  2. I think that the ‘trade paperback’ is really the $20 hardcover from Chronicle – only one edition, just like for the $20 version of the jedi path. like Anna, i’ve been waiting for this version.

  3. I’m the publicist for the standalone version of the book. It has an official pub date of 5/4, but our website lists the date that the book can begin shipping to retailers, so it’s not a true available date.
    I’m also the publicist for Jeffrey Brown’s “Vader’s Little Princess” which also has a 5/4 pub date.

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