Toy Fair: Want EU toys? It’s not a total loss this year

Toy Fair has begun in New York, and Hasbro has revealed their plans for the coming year. There’s plenty of Clone Wars stuff, including Ahsoka in her new outfit, plus a new line of lightsabers. And while the comic packs may be gone, Expanded Universe action figures are still popping up. Most notably, a Nom Anor in June (That’s him up top, plus his card) and a Bastila Shan coming in April, both in the Vintage Collection.

I suppose the Quinlan Vos/Barriss Offee Galactic Heroes twin-pack counts as well, too. Perhaps most odd, however: Two Disney Exclusive Star Tours packs. You can check them all out at

7 Replies to “Toy Fair: Want EU toys? It’s not a total loss this year”

  1. I almost want a Nom Anor figure. Actually, I think I will get one. The one Vong I actually haven’t completely put out of my memory.

  2. I think that my new favorite action figure is going to be the “Luke Skywalker with Drain Snake” figure that’s in the vintage collection.

    Actually, I like the idea of the re-issues a lot, but most of the sculpts look pretty rough. Hopefully these are just earlier prototypes, because there are quite a few here that I wouldn’t mind actually owning, but I’m kind of a sculpt-whore when it comes to shelling out for figures….

  3. I look at the artistic interpretation of Yuuzhan Vong — often 11 feet tall with horns, or a massive Klingon-ridged skull — and am always puzzled how some ooglith masquer somehow makes them look human.

  4. Pablo: oogliths use the same tech as the V skins and Edgar’s human suit from MIB that somehow can stick a larger alien inside a human skin.

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