Adult Swim’s Toonami to air The Clone Wars starting in August


Toonami, the action-oriented programming block on Saturday nights on Adult Swim, will be showing episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, starting August 17, according to the Toonami tumblr and Q&A session. summed up the Q&A session on tumblr with:

They also stated they would be skipping kid friendly or slow episodes (namely anything involving the Senate and Jar Jar Binks) focusing more on the episodes more memorable and action heavy. Toonami also said they’re trying to get their hands on the uncut episodes from the show along with airing episodes in their original 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Also they are looking into if they can air the BONUS CONTENT of episodes that were finished, but never aired.

When asked why The Clone Wars got picked up instead of other shows, Toonami responded: “We chose to pick it up because it’s a great show!”

They are trying to get the unedited versions of the shows (as on their video releases), instead of the sometimes censored versions used by Cartoon Network. And yes, while Cartoon Network and Adult Swim are on the same cable channel, but at different times, they are considered separate networks.

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  1. Original aspect ratio. I miss that. In the Uk the first 3 seasons where sown that way, uncut and no commercial breaks.
    Then they started showing them on CN, and if all went to shit. Shame

  2. this will be great. and maybe they can show the season 6 episodes they made already on toonami.

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