Toledo Mud Hens going Wookiee wild for Star Wars Day

The Mud Hens go ChewbaccaThe Toledo Mud Hens, the minor league team affiliated with the Detroit Tigers, will be rocking these Chewbacca-inspired uniforms – click the thumbnail at right to see the whole thing – this coming weekend as part of their May the 4th/Revenge of the 5th activities. No word if the Wookiee jerseys will be available to the public, but they will be selling some Star Wars themed t-shirts.

5 Replies to “Toledo Mud Hens going Wookiee wild for Star Wars Day”

  1. That is totally awesome. My grandma lives in Toledo – we used to go to Mud Hen games all the time when they played at their old stadium.

  2. That’s fabulous! I’ve been to dozens of Mud Hens games and I wish I could go see them in person this weekend.

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