Today in The Force Awakens: By the (box office) numbers, John Williams on the score

Rey and BB-8 (Rolling Stone)The Force Awakens is heading for a $200 million opening weekend, according to the early estimates. That puts it in sight of Jurassic World’s $208.4M record, something many doubted would be possible due to the usual holiday box office trends.

Disney says that it brought in $57M from the Thursday night previews, with Friday showings likely bringing the total to $100M.

→ John Williams talks about the score with the Los Angeles Times, including what seems to have become the score’s standout, ‘Rey’s Theme’. Meanwhile, you can listen to the full score on several streaming services, including Spotify.

→ Daniel Craig made a cameo after all, according to Entertainment Weekly, though I’m also seeing a lot of skeptical fans due to… Accent reasons.

→ Is there a backlash yet? I guess?

Badass Digest looks at the Resistance, the First Order and the Republic. Y’all may want to pick up Pablo Hidalgo’s Visual Guide to the movie.

→ Speaking of today’s book releases, io9 has a look at some pieces from The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

→ And speaking of books in general, author Chuck Wendig on the movie – and which Aftermath character we saw on screen.

→ Also: Easter egg sightings from EW and Comicbook, Adam Driver on Kylo Ren’s mask, and TFA rules Twitter

4 Replies to “Today in The Force Awakens: By the (box office) numbers, John Williams on the score”

    1. I liked this “wise” comment from one fan (who was 28! Not 10). “About 30 minutes into it, I could tell it was leading into the next movie.”

      Really? Took you 30 minutes to figure out that DISNEY WAS GOING TO BE MAKING TONS OF SEQUELS?!?!?!?!?

  1. Amazing to see an active SW writer (Chuck Wendig) do an honest review of the film. His remarks are easily my favorite and, in my opinion, the most accurate of what’s been out there.

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