Today in The Clone Wars: Gear up for midnight!

On the official site: a new video, Villians; Weekend events; The Happy Meals should be available tomorrow.

The LAT’s Geoff Boucher interviews Dave Filoni; After Elton’s Lyle Masaki says Ziro the Hutt is a gay stereotype, while i09 says to leave him alone.

The average on Rotten Tomatoes has gone down to 29%… Here’s more reviews: io9, San Diego Union-Tribune, The Seattle Times, The Portland Mercury, The Sydney Morning News, The New York Daily News, E!, This is London, The Age.

Tonight is Games Night, the official beginning of JadeCon, and then several of us are going to the midnight showing…

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  1. Back here, in Austria, the movie is now released.
    Everybody, who hasn’t got high expectations, will love this one. The movie is very intense, there is a lot of action and some cool dialogues between Ashoka and Anakin, and the movie is not too childish. Altough the story isn’t too complicated and it’s barley emotonial, it’s a lot of fun, you’ll see! Just a lot of fun!

    Sorry for my bad English!

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