Today in The Clone Wars: All for ‘shippers

Looks like Anakin and Padme fans will be happy with tomorrow’s episode, ‘Destroy Malevolence:’ Catherine Taber, who voices Padme, has a few comments on the character and the secret relationship.

Meanwhile, over at TFN, the ForceCast has a roundtable on the first three episodes.

2 Replies to “Today in The Clone Wars: All for ‘shippers”

  1. ARE there any Padme/Anakin shippers? Their relationship is so creepy, I have a hard time imagining anyone liking it…

  2. Yeah, they are out there. I went through ten pages of FFR looking for their thread, but it’s probably under some weird anagram or something – There is a clearly labeled Padme one, though. I certainly see plenty of them whenever I venture into Saga. And there are 500+ members in .

    It takes all kinds, I guess.

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