Today in rumors: Star Wars saga coming to AMC Theaters? And Netflix?

A Fan's Hope, Naam's Huttese Theater, Tatooine by Jeff Carlisle

We first heard back in April that a Star Wars saga marathon in theaters was in the works ahead of The Force Awakens. Today, AMC Theaters tweeted – and quickly deleted – a tease to something that looks very much like that. Man, what is it with these theater chains and social media? Why are they always jumping the gun? Like the previous instances, I doubt AMC will be the only chain to carry marathons.

For those who prefer to watch Star Wars in a more leisurely manner, there was also a rumor originating on Exstreamist that the movies will be coming to Netflix soon, due to some suspicious placeholder pages. ScreenCrush contacted Netflix, who told them that the pages have to do with DVD copies of the film. (Of course.)

Regardless of the evidence – or lack thereof – I have little doubt that both these things will be happening. They’re both publicity gold leading into The Force Awakens, to get Star Wars into the mainstream eye – any way the public wants it.