Today in Rogue One: Hear a preview of Michael Giacchino’s score

Entertainment Weekly brought us our first listen of Michael Giacchino’s Rogue One score. I’m not really much of a score junkie, but it sounds good! If you want to dig a little deeper, the full track listing has been spotted. There are few intriguing things there, so take it as you will.

→ Chatting about Columbia’s Rogue One jackets with the brand’s director of apparel design, Debra Criss. These are really some of the most impressive clothing tie-ins we’ve seen with this film, so it’s nice to learn more.

→ There’s been some pretty ridiculous stuff running around Twitter regarding an “anti-Trump” message being inserted into Rogue One at the last minute. While Star Wars has never shied away from some pointed commentary, the timeline alone here makes that deeply unrealistic. And in any case, certain themes have been baked in since the start. I expect this boycott will bear about as much fruit as the last one did.

→ The interviews: Gareth Edwards on diversity, reshoots and the “team sport” method of Star Wars (and/or filmmaking in general.) Riz Ahmed raps. The Wrap calls Donnie Yen “the perfect breakout star for 2017” and he tells Mashable “Give me a lightsaber, you wouldn’t have two hours of storytelling.”

→ A quick guide to the Star Wars books, films and TV you may want to catch up on before Rogue One.

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  1. If that’s the real track list, then we know at least two things, #21’s name has some interesting implications going a long long way back, and that someone took Giacchino aside and said “Listen, I know normally, you like to get cute with names. HOWEVER….” I *am* a score junkie, and if I had just heard those clips without knowing what they’re from, I would have probably guessed the composer correctly. I love what he did with Star Trek and he’s done some really fun other scores, so I am about as cautiously optimistic as I get for any Star Wars project about the score.

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