Three strikes, you’re out!

It’s barely a wisp of a rumor, but: Another Dune adaption? Have we learned nothing, Hollywood? (Don’t answer that.)

2 Replies to “Three strikes, you’re out!”

  1. C’mon, people. Let it go. We don’t need another!

    Although I have to admit that I kinda liked the miniseries. It veered from the book just a wee bit, but it was still good.

  2. I like to point out the Lynch adaption as a case where it’s fairly faithful to the text – but boring as all hell. The Sci-Fi one was only mildly painful, but I do think they really hit it out of the park on the sequel(s.) MAYBE the original could be done justice… but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s just too dense as a text.

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