Thrawn to get exclusive cover, poster at Barnes & Noble

Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn novel will look a little different if you buy it at Barnes & Noble. The U.S.’s largest book chain will have a cover with a black background, while other retailers will get a white cover. It also comes with an exclusive poster.

B&N exclusives are nothing new for Star Wars, as several recent releases have also featured posters, including next week’s Aftermath: Empire’s End. But Thrawn will be the first novel to feature a different cover.

Thrawn is Zahn’s first novel in the new canon and his tenth overall. It’s due out in hardcover and eBook on April 11.

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  1. Gee, the poster looks suspiciously similar to one of the alternative cover options I might have seen at somebody’s table at GrandCon last September. Is this a blatant ploy to make spend more? Yes! Am I going to do it anyway? You betcha!

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