This Is Madness: Princess Leia vs. Artoo, Tarkin vs. Grievous

The Sixteen Strikes Back has moved This Is Madness into the second round. For the light side, Princess Leia takes on R2-D2 while Tarkin and Grievous face off for the dark side. We’re voting Leia and Tarkin, but mostly Leia.

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  1. This one didn’t show up on RSS. Aaaaand this is the last time I’ll comment about it (unless you’d like me to continue).

    Also off topic, I’m curious why links from your site don’t open in new tabs, even though that’s what I have in the settings.

    1. I’m out of ideas. I’ll continue looking into it…

      As for the links… I use basic links and WP itself doesn’t add any code telling things how/where to open (I find that obnoxious) unless you tell it to so your defaults should apply. Personally I prefer tabs too, but ‘Open Link In New Tab’ is so engrained for me that I don’t really notice otherwise.

      Is the link thing something you’ve only noticed since the template switch? I don’t see WHY it would be an option in the template, and I don’t even know if that’s something you can do with CSS, but there are plenty of little things in this template that still bug me that I haven’t had time to fiddle with. ::glares at justified text::

      1. Yes, as far as I could tell my RSS reader was picking up all of the posts on CJ until the template switch. I remember a comment about how this template has specialized post formats you really liked (or something to that effect?), “link” being one of them. And at some point after that I was scrolling through CJ itself and noticed there were posts I hadn’t seen before, and they were all links. I guess my reader isn’t grabbing them for some reason. Odd.

        My brower(s) settings are set to open links in new tabs but CJ is one of the few (only?) sites where that doesn’t apply. I have to remember to right click and “Open Link in New Tab” manually, as it were. Not important, just curious.

        1. All that stuff (re: post types) is just template stuff – behind the scenes, and thus for RSS, everything is exactly the same.

          And, see last reply – this post IS showing up on other feeds, namely Feedly and LJ. What reader are you using?

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