This infringement will not be tolerated.

The saga of Lori Jareo is over… Or is it? We don’t know what’s going on beyond the scenes, but the Lucasfilm lawyers must have finally gotten through, since her book site ( vanished this afternoon and was replaced with the following statement:

Thank you for your interest in Another Hope. The book has been removed from the Books in Print database and will be removed from book distribution channels effective Tuesday, April 24, 2006.

And the fandom outrage keeps rolling in… Another Hope is still up on Amazon, but certainly not for long. Not that I would recommend buying it – if you must read the thing beyond Amazon’s preview pages, ask around for copies of the PDF.

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  1. “Tuesday, April 24,” huh…let’s see…

    *counts on fingers*

    Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd, Sunday the 23rd…

    Well, Einstein she ain’t…but then, we knew that already.

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