They went there: The Millennium Falcon sex toy

Well, not quite literally. (Twilight we are not.) But there is a notable resemblance between the Form 2 and the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. (Nothing overtly NSFW at the link, although some of the links there are.)

Looking for something more G-rated? The Brits are at it again with a Luke Skywalker bathrobe.

4 Replies to “They went there: The Millennium Falcon sex toy”

  1. I am oddly fascinated by the idea that some sex toy designers out there either know, or took the trouble to look up, the fact that the Falcon was built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

  2. “Took Princess Leia for a ride… “Huh… Somehow I can already see Shabby Blue’s take on that…
    But how is the Falcon not a chick magnet? Admittedly Leia wasn’t overly impressed at first, but Bria sure was. EU snobs at work? ;-)

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