They appear to be communicating with us, Captain

Now this… this is ‘focused’ – a blog written in Klingon. As far as I can tell, the post contents look pretty standard – Harry Potter, vanity goggling… Just in Klingon. Fascinating. [via Biz Stone]

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  1. Yup. That’s Capt. Krankor’s blog. The documentary that was filmed at last year’s qep’a’ (i.e. the KLI’s version of JadeCon ) was screened at Cannes – which is what the top post is about. (I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m not sure if I made it into the final edit or not.)

    And before ya ask – I’d need my dictionary & a couple hours before I could read the site. ;-)

    Rach aka r’Hul (daq tlhIngan Hol)

  2. Nope, it’s my blog. The picture on the front page at the moment is Krankor.

    The declared subject of the blog is “this language [i.e. Klingon] and other languages.”

    I’m looking at linguistics and language, with occasional forays into anything I feel like, because only a few dozen people can read it anyway.

    Recent posts include
    – a preliminary report on a new thesis on the sociolinguistics of Klingon
    – a confused series of posts on why my traffic jumped from 20 to 1000 hits a day (turned out Blogger featured me)
    – a linguistic error (substituting the syllable or word meaning “your” for “my”) that I made in three languages, including my native tongue
    – a challenge to translate a boggling sentence
    – Parseltongue, a snake language created for Harry Potter

    And r’Hul – you are DEFINITELY in the film.

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