Who doesn’t love a good snarky rebuttal?

tfa-STILL-rey-vertThere’s a lot of The Force Awakens stuff I never covered, both because of the sheer amount of things happening and because I don’t make a habit of linking to deeply stupid stuff. (YMMV, natch.) But on Facebook, from a hero called Matty Granger, there is a delightful rip of one of the absolute dumbest pieces to come out in the wake of the film, and I entreat you to read it.

Oh, and the best part by far:

29. Who trained Rey to fight with a staff as effectively as she does, given that (a) she is an orphan with no friends or family, and (b) she has never been in a battle, but is, rather, merely a scrap-metal scavenger?

Dude. Wander down to the poorest part of whatever town you’re in and pick a fight with a mangy little mutt of a guy. The smaller the better. Once you’re out of the hospital, you’ll realize that people who are forced to survive in the harshest environments don’t train to fight. They learn the hard way and they get really, really good at it.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with all of Granger’s assumptions/theories, but it’s always nice to see stupidity brought low.

3 Replies to “Who doesn’t love a good snarky rebuttal?”

  1. I had avoided the HuffPo article, simply because I didn’t want to have to scroll through multiple pages… and besides I figured it would be from some angry nitpicker fan saying things like, “planets are too close, they were more far apart in the Original Trilogy.”

    Several of those “holes” that were eviscerated were just factually wrong. It was utterly embarrassing.

  2. I love this snarky rebuttal. and there is so much stupidity around this movie. it is indeed good to see some of it rebutted snarkily

  3. Almost half of their ‘plot holes’ were answered by “Watch the movie, idiot.” It’s not a plot hole if you missed it checking your phone. And about a third of what was left were “You know they’re planning to make two more movies, right?” But hey, the rebuttal was totally worth reading.

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