The week in Star Wars and SDCC… So far

The One-Armed Wampa and Death StarObligatory adorableness. A variety of artists transformed blank Mighty Muggs into custom Star Wars figures (including at least two Georges and I think a Steve Sansweet) for The Empire Muggs Back project. The results will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con and auctioned off to raise funds for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. We should get a closer look soon, but for now my favorites are at right.

The lineup. has a list of Star Wars folks appearing at the official and licensee booths.

Begin your planning. The official Comic-Con schedule is up! If you a search on ‘Star Wars’ you’ll see some additional events that may be of interest… Or not.

3 Replies to “The week in Star Wars and SDCC… So far”

  1. I didn’t like Mighty Muggs at first, but their brand of cuteness has been growing on me. The Death Star one is great, and I also like the Bith and the Tusken.

  2. I’ll be doing loads of profiles showing off each of the Star Wars Mighty Muggs art on all this week and next week!

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