The usual suspects…

Two new commercials: “Brothers” and “Celebration“. Alas, I am on a computer with no Quicktime, but I’m guessing they’re light on Palpy action. There’s also a “Science of Star Wars” special airing on Discovery.

Hayden Christensen is on the cover of tomorrow’s Entertainment Weekly. It appears that this time there may actually be a real article to go with it.

Crazy fans at Grauman’s refuse an offer from George himself to be escorted by Stormies to the ArcLight.

The Scotsman on why Star Wars has universal appeal.

CNN Money explores the financial impact of ROTS on Lucasfilm, theatres, and the toy industry.

From the Christian Science Monitor (via CBS), yet another George Lucas article.

Master Replicas! You want one. Hell, I want one. And it looks like they’ll be making costumes by Halloween…

One Reply to “The usual suspects…”

  1. Alright. I have officially run out of any sympathy for the Grauman’s line-up. Now, they’re just being petulant children.

    It was one thing to want to stay in the line at Grauman’s. But to refuse an offer from George, himself? Even if told no politely, it’s just gotten to the stupid point.

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