The “Thron Trilogy”? I missed that one.

mag-license.jpgRebelscum points towards a new magazine, License!, which is doing some features on Star Wars. Alas, they get off to not-so-great start on their publishing feature (warning: PDF download) with the above misspelling. Did their web staff bypass the copy editors, perhaps?

Elsewhere in the article, they do mention something I haven’t heard of before:

A collectible limited-edition, six volume set, entitled Star Wars; Frames will debut in fall 2008. Overseen personally by George Lucas, and available exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles and limited to 950 numbered copies, the suggested retail will be $1,999 for each mammoth set.

And in the final paragraph, a hint at continued relations with Random House, of which both Del Rey and Bantam are imprints:

What’s next for the Star Wars empire? Roeder says, “We’re looking at the ‘Legacy of the Forceful’ next year with the ninth book and we’re talking to Random House about what the next series will be.

Legacy of the Forceful? Umm….

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  1. License! needs to shoot their editors. It’s not as if there isn’t plenty of stuff on Google to check these names.

    And Star Wars Frames? Um. Okay.

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