The Star Wars live action series has a working title

In this interview today, Rick McCallum told IGN that the live-action show’s working title is Star Wars: Underworld. He goes on to talk in some detail about the reasons that the series is on hold (“Each one-hour episode is bigger than the prequels were.”) which is rather fascinating in and of itself.

(You’re very lucky that I’m too tired to photoshop anyone’s head onto Kate Beckinsdale’s body.)

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  1. Wasn’t that title at least rumored previously? I seem to remember having read/heard it somewhere before but now can not seem to source my memory.

  2. Not confirmed as a working title, but yeah, they’ve been throwing out the term from quite early on.

    I really doubt it’ll make it as final title, given the existing franchise.

  3. I still hold that it’s a dreadfully interesting idea. The idea of exploring new facets of a well established setting…telling new kinds of stories…running constantly at the possibility of turning the whole franchise on its head. That’s grand.

    It’s a bit of a lame-horse title though, isn’t it?

  4. Hahaha Stooge — I saw that your comment username link pointed to and thought you just hadn’t been specific enough. But no, you actually now own Star Wars Blogs.

    “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” —Sun Tzu

    Congratulations. You win.

  5. Personally I’m pretty optimistic as far as “Underworld” is concerned. Sure, I’ll probably not live to see its première, but if there’s a production house in the world that might be able to pull off a prequel type TV show for 5 million bucks an episode it must be LFL. They started a TV revolution with Young Indy, they’re doing amazing work with The Clone Wars (technologically speaking, that is), so there’s no doubt in my mind that one day “Underworld” will – attention, pun incoming – surface. And when it does, it will be a sight to see. :-)
    Yes, I am a believer. ;-)

  6. Well I’m stoked about this, and the project is in safe hands with Rick. Having learned the tricks of the trade with Young Indy, and then transferring that to the Prequels, he can bring that knowledge back to TV with Underworld.
    Personally I LOVE the title, as the underworld aspects of Star wars are by far my favourite. That, and the bulk of my fan fic is set in the underworld, so it all works out great.
    Will follow this with great interest…

  7. this was extremely fascinating. Especially the parts about how the nielsons are bs. thank you for posting!

  8. I would love it if they scaled down the special effects, worked with Henson’s creature shop again. (Pilot from Farscape was awesome.) Let the drive of the show be plot and characters (actors) with the Special Effects thrown in for spice. I’m iffy about the focus on the criminal element…that can be done well, but I like having good guys to root for.

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