The Phantom Menace drops to #6 at the box office, but moves past Star Wars on the all-time list

The Phantom Menace had a 65% drop at the box office this weekend, coming up at #6 with $7.9 million, but it did pass one very big milestone – the first Star Wars. The Phantom Menace is now beating the original in all-time domestic grosses. Will A New Hope earn back top placement when its 3D turn comes around? Stay tuned…

In the meantime, there’s a rumor going around that we may see Attack of the Clones 3D as soon as August. Curious…

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  1. I’m game. I think Ep2 will make a much better 3D film. It’s much more actiony and pulpy. Maybe I’ve seen Ep1 too many times, but seeing the 3D version in theaters just made me feel sleepy and bored.

  2. I loved seeing TPM in 3-D – caught so many more details plus some scenes were perfect for the format – almost like they were filmed that way with 3-D future intention. POD RACING! and Yoda looked fantastic.

    Looking so forward to AotC. Naboo…

  3. Had a real blast with TPM 3D, and the Cinema Geek rumour is brilliant. Stephen from CG used to run the awesome Galactic Empire News. Top bloke, i am treating this as a hot rumour.

  4. I saw Ep I tonight with my 11 year old granddaughter. We’ve both seen the dvd together and I saw it originally on the big screen with my daughter. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie again in 3D but I was worried she might not but she was really into the whole story. We both had a great time and I think that’s what Star Wars is all about. Family fun. I can’t wait for Ep II. This summer won’t be too soon if the rumor is true.

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