The original trilogy is coming back to theaters (some theaters) in August


The original trilogy will be back on the big screen in a limited number of locations this August. The Alamo Drafthouse chain is sponsoring back-to-back showings of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi throughout the U.S. (And before you can ask: They will be the Special Editions.) The initial list of dates includes 16 venues, but it’s suppose to come to “more than 20 cities.”

Tickets will go on sale at on May 4.

3 Replies to “The original trilogy is coming back to theaters (some theaters) in August”

  1. Agh. I would love to go see them in theaters. But not the Special Edition of Empire. I can tolerate the other two if I have to, I guess, but tampering with Empire beyond minor cleanups is morally wrong.

      1. It was definitely the least tinkered with, but I’ve noticed some of the changes are the ones that rile people up the most.

        – Luke’s added scream (taken out again in subsequent versions)
        – Vader’s “bring my shuttle” becoming “alert my Star Destroyer yadda yadda yadda…”
        – The subsequent added shots of the shuttle flying to/arriving at the Star Destroyer.

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