It’s the night before Star Wars, and George Lucas has weighed in

The Last Jedi script originally called for 160 sets, which is “a ridiculous amount of sets,” production designer Rick Heinrichs told The Hollywood Reporter. The production ended up having 125 sets at Pinewood. He also reveals that George Lucas visited the set… And on that note, he’s seen the movie as well, calling it “beautifully made.” In London, Rian Johnson said: “To have a chat with him and to have him be so kind and gracious felt really good.” has the first excerpt of Cobalt Squadron, a middle-grade novel that features The Last Jedi’s Rose and Paige Tico. The book by Elizabeth Wein (Code Name Verity) will be out Friday.

This week’s Star Wars Show takes us back to the World Premiere with a behind-the-scenes look at creating the livestream.

→ I think all you need to know about Prince William and Prince Harry’s attendance at The Last Jedi’s European primiere is that BB-8 bowed and it was adorable. Meanwhile, John Boyega brought his whole family, which is also adorable.

The Wall Street Journal (!) covers Jedi News’ (!!) big Millennium Falcon scoop.

More on those Christian Louboutins, including a close up look at the Space Shoe, which is way more space than shoe.

→ The full Daisy Ridley interview from Rolling Stone, plus Gwendoline Christie and John Boyega on their duel.

We’re not done just yet, but for tonight? I think so. Here’s a preview of what we have cming, though: