The Mandalorian: Everybody loves [spoiler]

Let’s start this roundup with the major spoilers, mainly because my favorite second-day take is all the questions raised by the [spoiler] in the end. I too have many questions! For a less irreverent take, there’s this, I guess. And there are tweets, you guys like tweets, right?

Dave Filoni has spoken, on the latest Star Wars Show. This is spoiler-free, I promise.

Jon Favreau says hello from the set of S2.

Actress Emily Swallow reveals a bit about her character, the Armorer – nothing that can’t be inferred by her scenes, but interesting nonetheless.

Disney+ had 10 million sign-ups, Disney says. And despite the early troubles, the server load did seem resolved by evening – I had no problems casting from the app at the height of prime time, and saw very few complaints.

Alan Horn says that converting the show to a two-hour movie is not out of the question, which seems like an odd thing to say, but okay, sure.