The main character of Holostar is…

Dash Rendar. Dash Rendar? The forgettable Han Solo stand-in from Shadows of the Empire? Umm… Well, at least it’s unexpected?

4 Replies to “The main character of Holostar is…”

  1. But… but… how? Why? Hadn’t we established that this was about Syal Antilles? Shouldn’t the book, at the very least, be about a… well, a Holostar?

    Seriously, Dash Rendar was kinda cool when Shadows’ first came out, but as of now? I’d rather read a Dark Times novel about the adventures of Garik Loran: Child Actor.

  2. Syal Antilles/Wynssa Starflare was never established, that was just a fan theory. Granted, only because she’s one of the two actor-types we know…

    Dash was cool? I will never understand the SOTE love…

  3. Dunc: I always seem to forget that inflection doesn’t come across well on the internet. If it makes it work better for you, please replace my previously stated “was kinda cool,” with “was kinda cool in a, ‘Hey, there’s a new character with a neat spaceship and a weird robot and he shoots stuff, and is kind of like Han Solo but he isn’t as good at it… Huh, I guess he’s not that cool after all,’ sort of way.”

    And while I have no real love for SotE, I do think that it was sort of a neat marketing experiment. Some parts of it (Joel McNeely’s score, and bits and pieces of the video game) were even well done. I’ve certainly got no real desire to see Dash in anything again.

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