Carrie, crystal foxes and more in latest The Last Jedi behind the scenes featurettes

A few new behind the scenes clips have emerged since we last checked in. The first, on Kylo’s choice to not kill Leia, features a new priceless quote from Carrie Fisher. The second is on the crystal foxes (err, vulptices), finally giving us a long-awaited look at the actual dog-wearing-straw-costume used to help develop them. And from yesterday, how a Ralph McQuarrie painting from Empire inspired the final showdown and a bit on the red of Crait.

Daisy Ridley’s live Facebook chat was this morning, and while she didn’t say anything particularly earth-shattering, she did drop a few tidbits.

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→ John Boyega explains that flight suit and haircut we never saw in the film, and drops a Harrison Ford impression on us.

→ Bryan Young looks at what in Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon inspired in The Last Jedi. (Yes, it’s more than you think.)