The Last Jedi has $220M opening weekend

The Last Jedi slides into the weekend box office with a $220 million take, putting it behind only The Force Awakens for the second biggest opening weekend of all time.

Internationally, where it opened everywhere but China, the film has made $240M, giving it $450M total. It opens in China on January 5.

How many times have you seen it so far?

3 Replies to “The Last Jedi has $220M opening weekend”

  1. I saw it once, and never again.

    My Episode 8 rant:


    I hated this movie!

    There was a lot that didn’t need to be in there I felt. Especially that part where Rose and Fin go off by themselves. But hey, let’s waste time and rescue space horses while our friends and Comrades are literally been slaughtered.

    And apparently both the First Order and the Resistance have the smallest Galactic Fleets in the history of Sci-Fi.

    I mean really, by itself the Rebel Alliance in Return of the Jedi had a larger fleet than the First Order and the Resistance combined. By the way, that was the slowest and longest space chase ever.

    The kamikaze Hyperspace run although cool, retroactively created an impossible plot hole for everything that came before. Why don’t crippled ships do, kamikaze hyperspace runs against enemy capital ships?

    There was way too much indulgent clowning around.

    Hux was a complete dolt.

    But you know what really ticks me off? There is no way to undo the worst things done in this movie in a way that the next movie is now stuck with.

    Even “Attack of the Clones” as awkward and awful as it was (and good grief was it awful), it *didn’t* hamstring the next movie into an impossible position (George Lucas let Revenge of the Sith do that by itself ). I have no idea how they undo everything stupid thing they did with this movie. Frankly, it’s to the point that I really don’t care what the next movie is like. No, really, I don’t care.

    Honestly, even Episode 2 didn’t do this.

    The sad thing is, if they ended the movie earlier, like at the part where the Resistance was leaving for the old rebel base, the movie would have been worlds better. If the Resistance had safely escaped at that point, the movie SHOULD have ended then. That would have opened a door for the next movie to “walk through”. Now, I don’t know, or care.

    The whole ending with Luke vs Kylo thing was as goofy as all get out and ended anything cool and redeeming about Luke Skywalker. The “Allies” not coming to help was a pointless addition that makes the next movie have to explain why they didn’t help the Resistance when it would have really mattered.

    The entire ground assault made no sense whatsoever. The reason the Empire did a ground assault in the Empire Strikes Back is because the Rebels had a Planetary shield that was “…strong enough to prevent any bombardment…” So why didn’t the First Order just do an orbital bombardment???

    It also made the retreat to the planet effectively pointless, they flee to the planet, just to flee from the planet which makes their second retreat from the First Order now *decidedly* much more tenuous (at best).

    In The Empire Strikes Back, they had well thought out plot devices to explain how the Rebels got off Hoth, Leia herself explained a believable escape strategy to the Rebel pilots escorting the evacuation transports.

    This time, none of that was in play, at all. Not even a little.

    Although I really wanted Rey to turn out to be the daughter of Luke and Mara Jade, I was okay with her not being a Skywalker at all, it’s everything else around it that was awful. I really don’t care to see Episode 9 now.

    But even taking everything else we have ranted about away, there were whole parts of this movie that I was just bored and waiting for SOMETHING interesting to happen.

    They should really make a whole new episode 8, much like they did with the original Clone Wars cartoon series.


  2. I have now gone four times! It was not the movie I would have done, but now that it is done it seems right (like life, I don’t get to choose how it goes :) )–and it is a beautiful movie, so well done! I love it.

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