The internet hype is strong with Deathtroopers

The cover for Joe Schreiber’s Deathtroopers was revealed on Monday, and since then it’s spread through the internet at large like wildfire: Pretty unusual for your standard Star Wars novel, which usually only surface among us obsessives and maybe a SF/F book blog or two. Whereas Deathtroopers has showed up at horror staple Fangoria and sizable movie blogs /Film, Cinematical and Film School Rejects. It even inspired a list of film franchises that need a genre change.

If blog hype is anything to go by, it seems that the publishing program’s foray into genre crossovers may finally have a bona fida hit outside of the usual audience… Or at the very least, they might be able to sell some posters to the Saw-loving masses.

And perhaps most tellingly, Deathtroopers has been the week’s top search keyword leading people to CJ… You can read all our coverage, including comments from Schreiber, by clicking on the ‘deathtroopers’ tag below.

4 Replies to “The internet hype is strong with Deathtroopers

  1. Hey girls (and the few guys), thanks for linking to my blog and the post, much appreciated. :-) Looking forward to this one!

  2. Anyone else think that the title could be a little less cheesy than “Deathtroopers”? I’m am sure it is accurate, but sheesh! Why not just call it “Deathstar the 13th?” or “Nightmare on Wookie Street?”

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