The Hunger Games movie is out today!

The adapation that it seems like everyone has been waiting for is finally in theaters today. It’s been tracking to make obscene amounts of money at the box office, and the reviews are quite positive. Will this finally be the female-lead franchise that doesn’t depend on romance for all its thrills? Here’s hoping.

Some Jaders saw it last night and here’s what they had to say:


Janine went in costume as Katniss – check out the great Hunger Games photo-shoot she did with her family!

2 Replies to “The Hunger Games movie is out today!”

  1. Twilight is a different sort of story than Hunger Games. Comparing the two stories is basically comparing apples and oranges. If you are comparing heroines, they both have their obstacles and their objectives, and they both achieve them. Granted, their methods are different, but that does not affect their success rate. As they say in the real world: whatever works.

    That said, and as someone who swore off young adult fiction a couple of years ago and therefore never read the book, Hunger Games is a very good film. The social commentary alone is well done, as well as extremely tragic. The film has a lot in common with that old chestnut, 1984 so be warned: this is not light material.

    Also be warned: if you have any brains at all you’ll never see reality TV in the same way ever again. That might mean swearing off Jersey Shore for good. . .

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