The Force Awakens will have a makeup line!


There will be a The Force Awakens makeup line from Cover Girl, and Rebelscum has some leaked images! (There are no actual TFA images here, just looks from Cover Girl themselves, so I’m not really considering any of this spoilers – read into the lingo as you will, but it’s all fairly boilerplate.) Yes, there is nail polish, but the colors we see in the leaks look pretty standard. Still, the last time we saw a hard push on makeup was with Estee Lauder Yves Saint Laurent back in 1999, so this is a buy-in we haven’t seen in quite a while.

And while as a former nail polish junkie Cover Girl may not be my pick, this does pretty much guarantee you’ll see the stuff everywhere.

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  1. I am actually 100% okay with getting Cover Girl nail polishes. The ones I have from them are some of my favorites overall. For some odd reason.

    No wait, I take it back. I already have way too much nail polish. This is terrible; RIP my wallet.

    1. I don’t know about the quality – I haven’t bought any polish in a while – but the colors. Of course the scans aren’t color-accurate, but looks like a burgundy and a beige, which aren’t exactly gonna set the world on fire. Of course they could have some neat subtleties that we can’t see here, but for now? Ehh.

      1. Oh I am 100% for more interesting colors etc etc. (I didn’t actually look at the pictures… the one I tried loaded funny.)

        1. They didn’t shrink them, but if you view image your browser will make them a viewable size.

  2. As I said on Facebook, at least it’s not E.L.F.

    That being said, I’m with Bria — RIP my poor, poor wallet.

    I won’t spend $90 on MAC like I did for Wonder Woman, but I will buy some of this. You can never have too much mascara (I can’t believe I said that) as it does not have an infinite shelf life.

    For those who say some of the “look” names could be spoiler-ish: Nah, I don’t think so.

    There’s nothing there that you wouldn’t have seen (or surmised from putting two and two together) if you’ve watched both trailers and seen photos from the Vanity Fair article.

    Just my opinion though. :o)

  3. The product line for the prequel trilogy must have made money or this wouldn’t have happened, I assume.

    1. They didn’t repeat it, though, with AOTC/ROTS – and TPM’s was a higher-end line to boot. I think this specific collection owes a lot more to The Hunger Games. (Also Cover Girl, at least for Catching Fire.)

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