The Force Awakens: Interviewing Annie Leibovitz, revealing Andy Serkis’ role has an interview with Annie Leibovitz today about her Star Wars work for Vanity Fair. There’s a photo of Andy Serkis in mo-cap gear, and the reveal that his character is Supreme Leader Snoke.

Snoke! Granted, it’s no Sheev, but aren’t we glad I didn’t do the Twitter roundup last night?

→ The first actual The Force Awakens action figures have been spotted – on eBay, naturally. It’s a stormtrooper.

→ Spoiler corner: Finn and his hot new accessory.

3 Replies to “The Force Awakens: Interviewing Annie Leibovitz, revealing Andy Serkis’ role”

  1. Snoke, is it? If that’s supposed to be a mix of snore and holy smokes, it’s a perfect term to express my feelings for TFA so far. ;)
    Let’s take the 2nd teaser, for instance: If I close my eyes, it’s a wonderful Star Wars teaser. Everything sounds exactly right. But if I open my eyes, all I see is a fan film, albeit a pretty impressive one. And now here’s another fan film character name that feels as wrong and out of place as Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo.
    Could somebody maybe hand Mr. Kasdan (and Mr. Johnson, of course) a couple of dictionaries for Episode VIII? I mean, this is how Uncle George picked his names, isn’t it? He came up with some vague idea, chose a Japanese or Latin or Sanskrit or German – unfortunately – word that had something to do with it, rearranged a couple of letters, and voilà: A Star Wars name.
    Can’t be that hard…

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