The Force Awakens’ dark side takes root on Empire


Empire magazine revealed the first of two The Force Awakens covers this morning. On newstands next week, it features Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma and General Hux.

And here’s the light side version


7 Replies to “The Force Awakens’ dark side takes root on Empire”

    1. Yes, and the sensor dish on the Falcon is round. FYI:

      Thankfully, a magazine cover is not the end of the world. Let’s just assume the Story Group intern was overworked that week and move on.

  1. I hope it turns out I’m wrong, but the dark side looks so much more appealing to me than the light in this film. Crying a little bit inside. I miss George already.

  2. This aligns perfectly with that flux capacitor that was spotted in the Falcon cockpit.

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