The Filks Write Themselves

Sitting here blogging a once again riotously fun filk night with the Jaders. Isn’t Lucas happy that this isn’t our primary occupation? The montage of filks started off with interactive books for the Padawan Toddler. Then it moved on to host filks by Tom (he almost made me cry with a kinda lament for Padme), Trina (the Slash Writes Itself), Rach (and all things associated with the letter “J”), Lisa and the fantastic filk (Jedi don’t but Sith Do), Tim (ABC’s Lucasfilm song), Associated Drunks (a dedication to Mary Franklin the Bartender, “The Worst Hangover Ever”), Darksiders (“I’m on Fire), HollywdLiz (Who Can Ask for Anything More), Kelly (“900 Years” – Yoda)and Amy (the Haiku of the Evil Bears).