The fandom minute

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  1. Ahahahaha! I love the intercom fun one. At one of my old jobs, we had a guy who looked a lot like Billy Dee Williams, and we called him “Lando”. We ran a roller coaster, so whenever we wanted him to report to the control room, we would get on our PA system and go “Lando Calrissian, please report to the Rebel base, Lando Calrissian to the Rebel base. Over and out.” All the guests milling around were completely baffled when “Lando” ran up, muttering to himself angrily.

    We laughed so hard that we cried that day. But lest you think “Lando” took it lying down, one day he introduced the guy most guilty of calling him “Lando” as “Ponch” from CHIPs to the guests, and “Ponch” was forced to signed a few autographs as Eric Estrada. (He genuinely looedk like him–even more so than “Lando” looked like Billy Dee).

    I miss my old job.

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