The EU: Not Dead Yet.

Sue Rostoni of Lucasbooks announced on the boards last month that there will be a 9-book post-NJO series. The series was previous announced as being set in the Tales of the Jedi era.

We’ve reconsidered where to set this 9-book series and have decided that the old Old Republic era may not be the best place. We’re now seriously considering post-NJO, something like 35 years after A New Hope. The thinking is that there is more opportunity here for substantial storylines using characters that people already have feelings about, and the outcome wouldn’t be known at the start of things. We still want to play in the Old Old Republic time frame, and will try to get a trilogy there. I hope you all aren’t disappointed – I’m trying to gauge whether it’s best to give you NO information at all, or information (like this) that’s subject to change.

Also from the boards, a little advance notice that the titles of the upcoming Troy Denning trilogy, also post-NJO and due next year, will be ‘leaked’ at a Comic Con panel.

I’m of mixed feelings. Yes, I kind of want more books… But Jacen and Jaina don’t do much for me, and I’m even less fond of most of their pals. I was looking forward to just ignoring the EU for a while. Damn this vile obsession!

And Matthew Woodring Stover (Traitor, Shatterpoint, Episode 3 novelization) has a blog. Who knew?

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  1. It completely depends on the story for me. I’ve enjoyed many of the portrayals of Jaina and Jacen. And they haven’t messed with Little Ben, yet. There’s possibility in everything!

  2. I think I’m really annoyed about this. I was looking forward to the old Old Republic books.

    I’ll forgive them if they do a book about this great love that Obi-Wan apparently had and lost.


  3. Yeah, I really wanted to see more of the old old Jedi, too. Something about the extreme discipline of the Order back then really appeals to me, and since I’m too old to join the army and too Protestant to become a nun, I was just going to scratch that itch by reading about how things Once Were in the GFFA. So this development disappoints me.

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